This Is Calistoga

A Pawsitive Experience @ Cottage Grove Inn

Vacations are fun, but when you’re faced with leaving your four-legged loved one behind, the concept of getting away for some fun in Wine Country may become bittersweet. If you could skip the process of searching out a pet sitter or boarding site, wouldn’t you want that option? Cottage Grove Inn is happy to share the good news that Fido is welcome to join you for a visit to Calistoga, a premier destination at the top of the Napa Valley. A pet-friendly bed awaits your fur baby at Cottage Grove Inn.

During your visit to Calistoga, feel free to take your pet along a hike on the Oat Hill Mine Trail, and be sure to stop at Old Faithful Geyser so Fido can bark at the Tennessee Fainting Goats while you watch the geyser and enjoy a picnic lunch and favorite wine. If you’re heading to Wine Country with the ultimate intent to sip on Calistoga wines, you’re in luck. There are pet-friendly wineries throughout Calistoga, including tasting rooms on Lincoln Avenue: August Briggs Winery and Romeo Vineyards & Cellars. And just around the corner on Foothill Boulevard, the quirky Tank Garage Winery welcomes you with an array of inventive wine blends. On the opposite end of Calistoga’s main street is the Train Depot, where behind the trains, you can sit outside on the patio at Picayune Cellars & Mercantile.

Hungry? As long as the outdoor dining tables are set, you’re set to bring your four-legged friend! Dining suggestions include: All Seasons Bistro, Buster’s Southern BBQ, Cafe Sarafornia, Calistoga Inn Restaurant & Brewery, La Prima Pizza and Palisades Deli & Cafe. A more upscale option would be Solbar at the Solage Calistoga resort.

As long as you follow the rules, you can pack your bags and grab your pet to check into Cottage Grove Inn. The rules are as follows:

  • Your pet must weigh in at 40 pounds or less
  • You must pay a pet fee of $50
  • You must pre-arrange your visit, as there are designated pet-friendly rooms available
  • You will be responsible for any property damages caused by your pet, with a minimum charge of $250 applied to cover damages
  • You must pick up after your pet on the Cottage Grove Inn grounds
  • Pets are not allowed on the furniture
  • Your pet cannot be left alone in the cottage without proper accommodations.
  • Your pet must stay out of the common room, but may enjoy the space on the patio.
  • If your pet becomes disruptive while other guests are enjoying a stay, please excuse yourselves and calm your pet.

For more pet-friendly suggestions in Calistoga, stop in the Calistoga Welcome Center for a water break (and a treat for your pet!) and more information.