This Is Calistoga

A Splendido Experience at Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

Of all the guests who plan a visit to Calistoga, most expect to experience the area’s therapeutic mineral hot springs available at many resorts. But you have to be a guest of the resort, or at the least, sign up for a spa experience to swim in the healing waters.

Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort offers guests the use of their indoor and outdoor hot springs pool areas, but what guests may not know is there are two Splendido rooms outfitted in hot tubs with jets that pipe in those therapeutic geothermal hot springs of Calistoga. And who wouldn’t want a healing soak in the privacy of their own room?

Legend dictates soaking in hot springs increases your blood flow, circulation, metabolism, and absorption of essential minerals. A soak in the springs has also been rumored as treatment for chronic digestive diseases, diabetes, and gout, and to detoxify the liver.

Aside from its therapeutic and potential physical benefits, there is a mental wellness perk offered in the Splendido suites — the ambience and cozy comfort of a two-way fireplace to accommodate the bedroom and oversized bathroom. These suites are located in the newest of buildings dotted along the property built to emulate a Tuscan village. The perks continue in these suites with access to robes and slippers in these suites and a complimentary large bottle of Italian still water.

Each building on the Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort property is host to 60 unique rooms, and all rooms are routinely updated. In fact, within this landscaped paradise, new wallpaper and furniture refinishing in a few rooms are now in process. The rooms within each building are accommodating to almost any request. Need a room with a queen and twin bed? There’s one available! Need a room with a ceramic tiled floor upon its entrance, complete with a kitchenette? All you need to do is ask for what you need.

Outside of the villa setting of Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort, a plethora of restaurants are within walking distance, but for guests who prefer to dine in for an afternoon or evening, a stop at the local grocery store, Cal Mart, is where you can purchase ingredients for a cookout on-property. Located in a separate garden area are a few propane grills and a charcoal grill, available for guest use.

In another corner of the property, a handful of bikes are available to rent through a self-serve machine, so if you’re craving a bike ride along vineyards and wineries, you don’t have to venture too far from your room to grab a bicycle. Once you return, feel free to relax… you’re in Calistoga.