Sarafonia-web-1000x1000pxSARAFORNIA: The Arts of Calistoga
March 30 – April 2, 2017

A four day grassroots celebration of Calistoga’s bohemian spirit.
Thank you to everyone who kicked back with some Calistoga culture this spring! To everyone else… here’s what you missed:

  • ENGAGE Art Fair: A unique and interactive showcase of local and Bay Area artists.
  • FLOWER BOMB: An exhibition featuring floral interpretations of iconic masterworks and local original artworks.
  • STORYTELLING SPEAKEASY: A curated presentation of storytelling, poetry and live music in the style of popular podcasts This American Life and The Moth.
  • CREATIVITY BLOOM: Family-friendly art activities presented by Calistoga Art Center and Blackbird of Calistoga.
  • Public artwork throughout town by artists Lisa Kaplan and Karen Lynn Ingalls. Complimentary transportation between events was provided April 1 & 2 by Calistoga Wine Tours



The third annual ENGAGE Art Fair was a curated and immersive event featuring some of the Bay Area’s best artists, craftspeople and performers who come to Calistoga to meet, create and engage with the public.

Photos © Bob McClenahan and Alexander Rubin

Flower Bomb

Flower Bomb was an exhibit of twelve artworks paired with floral arrangements. Six artworks were original paintings by local artists while the remaining six were reproductions of masterpieces from various times and places in history. Each floral arrangement was designed in response to one of these artworks. The exhibit sought to represent the inherent diversity of art, from racial and gender diversity of the artists to the endless rainbow of colors exploding from the canvases and vases.

Hosted at T-Vine Winery

Photos © Robb McDonough

Storytelling Speakeasy

The Storytelling Speakeasy featured writers and raconteurs telling stories about Calistoga, the Valley and living life on the edge.  In addition to spoken word, local musical group Moonlight Daydream performed between speakers.

Hosted at Tank Garage Winery
Speakers Organized by Nick Triglia

Video courtesy of Olivia Everett