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Ask A Local: How to ‘Take the Waters’ in Calistoga

For most travelers, the journey to a destination begins with research on how to best immerse yourself in the local culture. The Visit Calistoga ambassadors at the Welcome Center realize this, and have taken steps to accommodate guests who want to be “in the know”, from a local’s perspective. We’ve created this blog post with information meant to connect you with some of the best kept secrets so when you arrive in Calistoga, you’ll feel like you’re visiting an old friend.

Mike Lennon, General Manager of Calistoga Spa Hot Springs, joined the team during its property renovation in 2011. Immediately, he fell in love with the camaraderie within the town, and he recommends visitors begin with a cup of java at his favorite coffee shop, Calistoga Roastery. Mike noted the friendliness expressed to him on his very first day in town “reminded [him] of living in Vermont where people wave to each other as a course of community interaction.”

During a Q & A with Mike, he shares more on what it’s like to experience Calistoga:

What do you love most about living or working in Calistoga?

Realizing this town has its own identity and pace of life, I enjoy talking with our guests and asking how they gained an appreciation for Calistoga after one visit.

What would you suggest someone do on their first trip to Calistoga?

For first time guests who want to explore the area and taste the wines of the region, I suggest taking the Calistoga Shuttle to larger wineries on the edges of town and work inward toward more intimate wineries, such as Joseph Cellars, Laura Michael Wines and Tedeschi Family Winery.

If Calistoga were a celebrity, who would it be and why?

George Clooney, without a doubt. Handsome but not vain, funny but not pushy. Someone you would enjoy having a beer with, knowing how fantastic the craft brews are here in Calistoga.

What do you wish more people knew about Calistoga Spa Hot Springs?

Calistoga is in such a unique location, and many people don’t really know about geothermal mineral water and its health benefits. When they learn about “Taking The Waters” they see our property in a new light.

Where is your favorite spot to unwind at the end of another glorious day in Wine Country?

The patio or bar at Calistoga Inn. Try the Pilsner!

Visit Calistoga thanks Mike for sharing his favorite spots, as well as offering the inside scoop on how to kick back in the healing waters and at the same time, enjoy a glass of craft brew.