This Is Calistoga

Ask a Local: What Makes Calistoga Special?

Our Ask a Local blog series is designed to accommodate guests who want a local’s perspective. For this post, we asked Elyse Quast, director of marketing and guest relations for Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort, what makes Calistoga special. A Napa Valley native, Elyse returned to the valley after attending college in Missouri, when, she says, “it became very clear that no other place can compare to the bounty, beauty and haven spirit that Napa Valley provides.” She says she has “always felt that Calistoga is still one of Napa Valley’s best kept secrets.”

Working for the family business, Elyse knows first-hand how special Calistoga is in its offering  of “natural geothermal water… incredible history and naturally healing properties…” — all of which you can experience at Roman Spa.

What do you love most about living or working in Calistoga?

I love working in Calistoga for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is my daily commute from downtown Napa, where I reside. My 40-minute drive never becomes dull, as it is a daily reminder of the amazing privilege it is to live in such a beautiful geographic area.

What would you suggest someone do on their first trip to Calistoga?

I would suggest visitors start their day hiking the Oat Hill Mine Trail for its incredible views and because the trail head is so close to downtown Calistoga. Make your next stop a late breakfast or brunch at Solbar, guaranteed to be delicious. Continue your day with the ultimate relaxing combination of an authentic mud bath and massage. Next, visit Claire at Picayune Cellars; she is an incredible wine expert, friend and owner of this boutique, négociant-style tasting room. After your wine tasting, walk down Lincoln Avenue and visit local shops and retail stores for great finds!

Grab a pre-dinner cocktail in the bar at Calistoga Inn, followed by dinner that features a farm-to-table-esque cuisine experience. Dinner is paired best with a bottle of wine selected from the restaurant’s Calistoga-heavy wine list. I would suggest my personal favorite: a bottle of Brian Arden Lake County Zinfandel. Post-dinner, head back to your resort hotel for a soak in the Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort geothermal pools.

If Calistoga was a celebrity, who do you think it would be and why?

Amy Poehler, because she is funny, quirky and displays a down-to-earth attitude.

What do you wish more people knew about your property?

The Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort has been family owned and operated for over 25 years, providing the property with a unique and individual history.