The Mountain Volunteer Fire Department is to facilitate neighbors helping one another and to provide emergency fire, medical aid and rescue services to all who live, work or visit our area.

Mountain Volunteer Fire Department provides both Fire and EMS services to the community. Our responders have radios tied to REDCOM dispatch which gives them immediate access to all their resources. This means that, if needed, we can have hundreds of firefighters and dozens of pieces of equipment, such as engines, planes, helicopters come to our assistance quickly. The EMS is an important part of what we do. With medical facilities and trauma centers at least 25 minutes away, having a local responder at the site saves valuable time for providing initial medical support.

Mountain Volunteer Fire Department
  • Mountain Volunteer Fire Department
  • Business Address: 5198 Sharp Road, Calistoga, 94515
5198 Sharp Road, Calistoga 94515

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