The goal at Weppler Vineyards is to produce wines of exceptional quality, traditionally handcrafted.  This means that all along the process they are focused on doing what is necessary to produce a wine that meets this goal.

In the vineyard, they meticulously maintain the vines paying attention to many small details so as to grow grapes as perfectly as possible for the style of Cabernet. The season starts with pruning the vines in such a way as to be certain the clusters are spaced and open for maximum light and air and unwanted shoots known as suckers are removed. It is likely that the small two acre vineyard will be picked three to four times over a 10 – 14 day period.  Many wineries would pick that small size of vineyard all at once based on some targeted “average” ripeness.

At the winery, each pick is fermented in its own small fermentation tank.  These small tanks are open top fermenters so that we can perform our twice daily punch downs the old fashioned way.  Many wineries simply pump the juice over the top of the skins to circulate it.  However, while more laborious, this method better agitates the juice intensifying the juice’s contact with the skins so as to encourage a greater extraction of flavor and color from the skins. The wine will spend 18 – 20 months in a combination of new and used french oak barrels.

Weppler Vineyards
2970 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga 94515

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