Event Submission Guidelines

I. Who May Submit Events:

a. These event listings are offered by the Chamber as a courtesy to our current
members and local lodging establishments. We reserve the right to curate and
edit events based on their appeal to visitors and potential visitors, as well as to
refuse events submitted by non-members.

II. Scheduling Recurring Events:

a. This option works best for weekly or monthly events. If you have an event that
runs for three consecutive days, consider using one listing for all three days,
rather than three repeating listings.
b. Please do not submit events that run indefinitely as they create a backlog that
can slow down servers.

III. Event Image: Images are required.

a. Please choose a .jpg, .png, or .gif file under 50 MB in file size. Minimum
dimensions are 400×400 pixels.
b. All images on VisitCalistoga.com are square. Please keep in mind that if you
submit an image that is not square, it will be cropped.
c. Please avoid images with text on them, event flyers and images that look like
ads. Compelling color illustrations and photos are best.
d. If you do not submit an image with your event or your submitted image does not
follow these guidelines, your event image will default to the primary image used
on your business listing in the directory.

IV. Organizer Details:
a. Please make sure this exactly matches your business name in our directory, so
that the plugin can connect your event listing to your business directory listing.

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