109 Wappo Avenue, Calistoga, 94515
(707) 341-9335

Step into the captivating tale of Calistoga’s winemaking legacy, where history speaks through the vines and flavors that paint an eloquent picture. At Brannan Wines, we invite you to embark on a journey that’s as much about tasting as it is about preserving days gone by. Our mission? To not only savor the past but to create a vinous future that resonates with new generations, as we craft extraordinary wines that pay homage to the land’s soul and the craftsmanship of old-world winemaking.

Join us for a tasting at the lush gardens of the Brannan Cottage Inn. Choose from three enchanting experiences, each offering a unique sip of our storied journey:

Heritage Tasting: Unveil the essence of tradition with our Heritage Tasting. Walk the path of our inaugural vintage (2021), as our wines unfurl their tales on your palate.

Heritage Wines and Picnic: Elevate your exploration with the Heritage Wines and Picnic. Delight in a charming lunch in the gardens while our wines play a symphony with your taste buds.

Heritage Wines with Charcuterie: For a heightened tasting adventure, savor our Heritage Wines paired with an artfully curated cheese and charcuterie selection.

Connect with us on social media @brannanwines as we continue to script new chapters in our story, one vintage at a time. And should you wish to make these wines a part of your own narrative, explore our curated selection at

Ready to plan your visit? Book your experience through Tock or directly on our website. Have questions? Feel free to reach out directly to We look forward to connecting with you!

Harvest Table is Coming Soon!

Tickets go on sale Friday, July 26, 2024!