Mud Bath Experience

Calistoga began over 100 years ago as a resort town for wealthy city folks and has since evolved into a friendly place with a variety of spa experiences to meet the needs of every guest. Our geothermal mineral waters and volcanic ash are combined in signature mud bath treatments that help to rid the body of toxins and promote overall health and well being. With more hot springs spas per capita than any other city in North America, you are certain to find just the right one.

Curious to know what a mud bath experience looks like? You may already be aware that the experience is an authentic way to de-tox. The world famous mud baths of Calistoga will relax you while removing toxins and bringing relief deep to your muscles. Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort is one of many Calistoga resorts to offer this indigenous treatment. This resort is a “hot springs paradise” of invigorating waters intimately set among flowering Mediterranean gardens, private patios and splashing fountains and one of two places in Calistoga offering private mudrooms for up to two people.

The history of mud baths began with the Wappo tribe. The Wappo migrated from Russia up to as many as 10,000 years ago. This migrant people sought a place to live near water, where the ground was fertile and with mountains for protection from weather. When they came to Calistoga, it was a land of brush and hot steam popping up everywhere, courtesy of the geothermal springs. They found the natural mineral springs and mud to be therapeutic, so built huts around it for ceremonial use. One hut was set up for men, another for women when they became “unpure” in their teens. The Wappo considered the geothermal springs and mud a gift from their gods and utilized it as a cleansing experience for both body and spirits. When the mud was caked on their bodies, they would then go wash it off in the cooler mineral springs.

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