The Ultimate BROcation in Calistoga

If the girls can getaway, why not make a “Guys Getaway” a thing as well? Grab your best bud (or group of buddies) and head to Calistoga for a 3-day ‘BRO’-cation.


  • Arrive at your lodging property previously booked (check out the options HERE), such as Calistoga Spa Hot Springs Resort or Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa.
  • Get ready to explore Calistoga, beginning with a stop at the Sharpsteen Museum to get a good sense of Calistoga’s Old West history, and to view the Oscar awarded to Museum founder and former Disney executive, Ben Sharpsteen.
  • Grab lunch at Busters BBQ (pulled pork or tri-tip sandwich with baked beans) and head to Old Faithful Geyser with growler of beer or a bottle of wine in-hand for a picnic (use the on-site picnic prep area for incidentals). The challenge: get the Tennessee fainting goats to actually faint.
  • Head to the Calistoga Welcome Center to plan out your visit with complimentary tools that include winery maps, 2-for-1 tasting coupons, and expert suggestions from on-site staff and volunteers.
  • Stop at Tank Garage Winery to fill up on unique blended wines. Then stop at Tank Garage’s sister winery, T-Vine Winery for some single varietals.
  • Take advantage of Happy Hour before dinner at Calistoga Inn Restaurant & Brewery or Sam’s Social Club for some craft beer.
  • Catch some late night vibes at the local’s dive bar, Susie’s.



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