Peaceful Spots in Calistoga to Meditate

Calistoga is a laid-back town at the crown of the Napa Valley. People have flocked to this wellness destination for generations, seeking rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Here, you can melt away your worries with a lingering soak in our hot springs mineral pools or indulge in restorative spa treatments.

In Calistoga, you will find restoration for your body as well as for your mind and spirit. This relaxing small town is just the place to enjoy the healing art of meditation in any of these 10 peaceful spots:

  1. The Buddha Pond at Indian Springs Resort & Spa. Indian Springs, the original resort built in Calistoga in the 1860s, now features a geyser-fed Buddha Pond for relaxing and meditation, in addition to the property’s multiple hot springs mineral pools.
  2. Your own personal backyard oasis at The Bungalows at Calistoga. Guests of The Bungalows can make themselves right at home in Calistoga with their own private kitchen and backyard. The back porch is perfect for meditating in the glow of a Wine Country sunset.
  3. Old Faithful Geyser of California. One of only a handful of naturally “faithful” (or regularly occurring) geysers in the world, the Old Faithful Geyser of California is the perfect spot for meditating amidst the palm trees.
  4. In the Somadome at Solage, an Auberge Resort. If guided meditation is more your style, the Somadome meditation pod at Solage, an Auberge Resort, is a must-try. Lounge by the pool and experience a meditation experience that includes binaural beats and light.
  5. At the labyrinth. Nestled in downtown Calistoga near Indian Springs Resort & Spa is a rock labyrinth. You might easily walk right by it without knowing it was there, but this simple rock structure is the perfect meditation aid. Walk mindfully through the maze, clearing your mind and opening your heart to possibility.
  6. A walking meditation at the Petrified Forest. Just a few miles outside of Calistoga is an ancient forest that was petrified during the eruption of nearby volcano, Mt. St. Helena. Live growth redwood trees have grown in around the massive, crystalline petrified trees, creating a magical experience and the perfect spot for a peaceful, walking meditation.
  7. By the fire at Calistoga Spa Hot Springs. Guests at Calistoga Spa Hot Springs often remark on the mesmerizing nature of the poolside fire pit, where flames appear to emerge from blue and clear glass marbles. Go for an evening dip in the hot springs mineral pools, then sit by the fire in your spa robe and enjoy the warm, meditative flames.
  8. In the luxurious infrared sauna and salt room at The Francis House. One of the Napa Valley’s newest luxury inns, The Francis House is a stunning, renovated 1860s home that features an infrared sauna and salt room, among many other luxury amenities. A few minutes of meditation in the sauna and salt room are sure to boost your mood.
  9. In the spa garden at Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa. Perfect for meditating between spa treatments (or even during the spa’s unique outdoor treatments), the spa garden at Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa is a relaxing, airy space to unwind.