Immerse Yourself in Wellness with Mud, Water and Massage

Calistoga is celebrated as a wellness mecca, world renowned for its hot, healing mineral pools and therapeutic mud baths. At the Baths at Roman Spa, you can pamper your body and soul at their luxurious Baths retreat, offering many personally-tailored treatments including massages, facials, mud and mineral baths, and specialties such as cooling foot scrubs with peppermint foot massages.

The Quast family has owned and operated the property since 1975, and particularly prides itself on deluxe spa treatments such as its unique Mud-Water-Massage immersion. The package combines the best of everything, including a full submersion mud bath, a mineral bath, a cool down in our relaxation room, and a massage of your choice.

The mud is special on its own, made of local volcanic ash blended with natural peat and geothermal mineral water sourced from the resort property. And massages add that final, blissful bit of full relaxation, in treatments ranging from classic to deep tissue to reiki. In another welcome touch, the Baths also offers private mudrooms for singles and couples.

Insiders know to check the Baths website for extra amenities, such as the current summer 2019 favorite, Two for Tuesdays. This offer allows guests to book two of Roman Spa’s signature mud or mineral baths and receive significant savings each Tuesday. For example, a classic massage runs $105 per person for 50 minutes, but on Two for Tuesdays, both guests can enjoy for a total of $129.

And whichever treatment you choose, the Quast family recommends you try the new Antioxidant Facial Trio, as well. The gentle procedure applies a mask enriched with green tea and lavender, containing molecules that prevent and diminish cellular aging, as well as beta-carotenes that protect the skin from solar radiation damage.