Harvest 2021: The Reds are Coming in Fast! Zinfandel, Charbono, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot & More

The harvest of red grape varietals is in full swing and Visit Calistoga has lots of updates to share with you:

Our friends at Joseph Cellars Winery harvested Sangiovese on the 6th of September. A few fun facts: it’s the third time Joseph Cellars is producing a wine with this varietal, the name of which is derived from a Latin phrase meaning “blood of Jupiter”. The first vintage of Joseph Cellars Sangiovese will be released in the Spring of 2022. They also harvested their Zinfandel, Charbono, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc from Calistoga, as well as Zinfandel from Dry Creek and Merlot from Oak Knoll. All in a week!

Over at Tank Garage Winery, the pumpover is happening! A pumpover is when juice is pumped up from the bottom of the tank and splashed over the cap (stems, skins, seeds and pulp that float on top). This keeps everything circulating so the juice-the good stuff-can be properly extracted. They’ve also been harvesting Mouvedre, a grape found in many Rhone wine blends that produces tannic, full-bodied wines that tend to be higher in alcohol with earthy, meaty (sometimes gamey), black fruity notes. While Tank hasn’t yet revealed where these particular grapes will end up, the winery is known for its unique blends,  so you’ll have to follow along to find out!

Markham Vineyards has a pretty special pick with their Merlot, harvested September 8, from the same vineyard as the first Merlot Markham harvested 41 years ago. And when it comes to celebrating, Amici Cellars is celebrating their 30th harvest and all hands were on deck at the sorting table of red grapes September 16. And while a bit younger on the scene, Picayune Cellars is celebrating 10 years and plucked their Cabernet Sauvignon from somewhere on high camp, in the hills, on one of their most recent night harvests.

Harvest 2021 is happening every day (and night!) in the Napa Valley and will be continuing for several more weeks.  Stay tuned for more highlights and fun.

Photo credit from Tank Garage Winery: Paige Fandrei