Where to Soak: Top Hot Springs in Calistoga

Calistoga, a well-known wellness haven, is celebrated for its hot springs and mineral pools. The Wappo tribe, the area’s original inhabitants, discovered the remarkable waters approximately 8,000 years ago when they settled in Calistoga. They called the land coo-lay-no-maock (“the oven place”) and believed that the geyser water possessed healing powers as they steamed and soaked in the baths.

Those who have experienced a Calistoga hot spring or mineral pool can vouch for its therapeutic effects. This healing practice even has a term: balneotherapy. In addition to providing deep muscle relaxation, balneotherapy aids in treating rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, and skin conditions like psoriasis. The calcium and sodium bicarbonate minerals are also believed to enhance healthy blood circulation, promote sleep, and alleviate stress.

Take a dip!

HISTORY: Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs – With over 62 years of service, Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs is an iconic wine country bathhouse. Visitors can experience Calistoga’s distinctive mineral waters and volcanic ash, highlighting the health advantages of hot mineral springs and mud treatments. This well-kept, accessible resort prioritizes guests’ well-being and offers three hot-spring-fed swimming pools and a spacious picnic area.

CLASSIC COMFORT: Baths at Roman Spa – Private or couples’ tubs invite you, filled with geothermal water that originates from deep beneath the spa. Jets offer additional relaxation, while plush tub pillows provide head and neck comfort. After cooling down in the meditation room, you’ll feel a sense of well-being. Opt for the ultimate benefits by adding the new Antioxidant Facial, featuring a mask enriched with green tea and lavender to combat and reduce cellular aging.

CONTEMPORARY: UpValley Inn & Hot Springs – An extensive renovation introduces stylish aspen wood and European ledge-stone accents in a sauna adorned with black and white mosaic penny tile in the steam room and sleek sunbathing chaises on the garden deck. The geothermal hot springs mineral pool and whirlpool remain as soothing as ever, complemented by breathtaking mountain views. The well water, naturally reaching up to 230 degrees, is cooled for guests’ enjoyment. Don’t miss the calming, healing essential oils automatically dispersed with mist in the steam room.

WHIMSICAL MEETS LUXURY: Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa – A stylish 1950s atmosphere surrounds the outdoor lap pool, wading pool, and indoor whirlpool, each supplied by the resort’s hot mineral springs. The property’s Moonacre Bath & Spa showcases a more contemporary design and features a luxurious spa garden with couches and a wood trellis; indoors, guests can relax in colorful tile-trimmed relaxation rooms. Amenities include a variety of bath salts from around the world, a mud bar, and rubber duckies for floating in the sleek claw-foot tubs with private curtained partitions.

CUSTOM SOAKS: Calistoga Spa Hot Springs – What temperature do you prefer? Four outdoor geothermal mineral pools provide options ranging from a comfortable 80 degrees in the multi-lane lap pool to a steamy 104 degrees in the whirlpool. The setting is modern and sophisticated, offering beautiful mountain views for daytime swimming and striking lighting for nighttime soaks. While any time is suitable for a mineral bath, the whirlpool is particularly delightful in the

IN-ROOM RELAXATION: Golden Haven Hot Springs – Hot springs take center stage at this low-key, lodge-style location: eight of the 28 rooms feature their own two-person, hot springs Jacuzzi tubs, and spring-fed showers. The water originates from the geothermal aquifer beneath the spa. Cooled down from its initial 150 degrees, the water fills the herbal mineral baths infused with aromatic bath salts, the indoor hot springs pool, and the two hot springs whirlpools, providing a truly relaxing experience.