This is Calistoga: Lizann Jovanovich, Funke’s

Lizann Jovanovich, the owner of Funke’s clothing store, has been a fan of Calistoga long before she ever lived here. Raised in Napa, Lizann spent a lot of time in Calistoga as a child,  visiting her aunt, uncle and cousins. “My favorite time was 4th of July. We would watch the fireworks from the fairgrounds perched out in the vineyards, swim and eat ice cream. Calistoga’s parade history is what makes this town special” she told Visit Calistoga. “Five parades a year and so much fun and joy for the whole family!”

Lizann eventually moved to Calistoga after the birth of her daughter to work with her aunt, Lil Ticen, who owned the shop at the time. Determined to become a partner in the business, Lizann started waitressing at Brannan’s restaurant (now closed) and eventually saved enough money to become Funke’s sole proprietor in 2015. With four women on the Funke’s staff- Jennifer Galusha (pictured), Heidi Ticen, Joan Rubadeau, and Patricia Murphy-Lizann guarantees a friendly face will greet you.   

Funke’s (Est 1927) is known for its great selection of items and come to find out, swimsuits are the store’s bread and butter. ”We sell a suit for everybody every day of the year! I think we sell more in the winter than the summer because people tend to forget them more in the colder months.” Sustainability is also top of mind and she tries to source items that are sustainably made like camp blankets made from recycled products. There are also higher quality items to choose from at Funke’s such as Kuhl for men or Habitat for ladies. “Items that will last years in contrast to fast fashion clothing that can have a disposable feel.”

We asked Lizann what she loves about Calistoga and why she thinks it is different from other towns in the Napa Valley. “I love the laid back vibe, delicious food, relaxing spas, and of course the vibrant shopping. The focus on wellness and the mud baths are truly unique,” Lizann told Visit Calistoga. And when it comes to wellness and relaxation, a glass of Napa Valley wine is often included in her post-work routine. What about advice she would give to her younger self during those days of fun and parades in Calistoga?  “You never know what is around the next bend, buckle up and enjoy the ride!”

This is Calistoga is our blog series profiling our members, their stories and life in Calistoga. Check in regularly and follow along.