This Is Calistoga: Peter Alig, Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa

Peter Alig, Marketing Manager of Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa, was drawn to the Napa Valley like so many of us are: because of the wine!  A resident since 2007, Peter was part of the opening staff tasked with launching the renovated property previously known as the Sunburst Motel. Hip, modern and fun, the lodge is a laid-back alternative for clients seeking a relaxed escape in wine country.

Inspired by the Great American Road Trip, the Calistoga Motor Lodge & Spa is run by a team of 25 who ensure the spirit of Calistoga on property. From its geothermal mineral water-fed pools and apply-your-own mud bar, a few nights and a couple of spa treatments later guarantees an understanding of Calistoga’s true personality: relaxed, authentic and friendly.

“There’s a certain fearlessness, independence and creativity to Calistoga’s people and the businesses that make their homes here. I just love the fact that Napa Valley has room for places like Tank Garage Winery and Mad Mod Shop (both in Calistoga),” states Peter. “Quite simply, Calistoga is Napa Valley’s most approachable and accessible town.”

How does Peter relax when he’s not helping others wind down in wine country? “Nothing too surprising. I like to sit on my patio with my wife and toy poodle, eating cheese and drinking wine,” he told Visit Calistoga. Perhaps with a copy of the book he penned in 2008, the Everything Guide to Wine, on his bookshelf?  Bet you didn’t know that Peter is a published author in addition to being an accomplished marketing professional!

When asked what advice he would give to his younger self? “Figure out what you want to do early in life and become an expert at it as quickly as possible.”  As for the city of Calistoga, says Peter, “it is confidently and uniquely itself and every visitor to Napa Valley should check out our little slice of paradise.”

This Is Calistoga is our new blog series profiling our members, their stories and life in Calistoga. Check in regularly and follow along.