What’s New in Wellness & Sustainability: Indian Springs Resort

It’s a new year and we have a plethora of news to share with you on the wellness front, including the newest addition to the spa at Indian Springs: the Himalyan Salt room. Now in full operation at the spa, this relaxing experience takes wellness to another level.

Salt therapy has been used for centuries. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties have many benefits, including helping with respiratory and skin conditions. It produces negative ions which helps improve mood and promotes relaxation. Wrap yourself in a robe, choose your preferred color (blue, pink, green are all options!) and lie down and enjoy the healing properties of salt as the halogenerator disperses micro particles into the room. This 25- minute treatment is sure to relax and renew.

And while not located in the spa itself, but throughout the property, Indian Springs drinking water stations and personal bottles received at check-in have been such a hit that the resort no longer orders bottled water.  It is always fun to see the “Be Well” bottles out and about in the real world.  They are becoming as iconic as the orange key lanyards!

On the solar front, Indian Springs has installed solar panels on all of the eight plex buildings-a welcome improvement and energy saver.  The Merchant family is continuously aware of what they can do for the environment and solar seemed like a no brainer.

On your next visit to the resort, be sure to check out these additions and also stop by to say hi to the chickens, now all named to help identify them. This is Indian Springs and this is just a small sampling of what’s new for 2022.