Calistoga Harvest Table

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                  Put it on your calendar. September 13, 2015

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                          Tickets will go on sale July 15 2015

What better way to celebrate the bounty of harvest than at the table?


You will choose your preferred cuisine from a selection of diverse restaurant menus listed below. Find one that fits your palate.  Menus will be posted here July 8th. You will be able to pair your favorite wine with menus from these Calistoga restaurants. 

        All Seasons, Barolo, Bosko's Trattoria, Brannan's Grill, Cafe Sarafornia, Cal Mart, Calistoga Inn Restaurant & Brewery, Calistoga Kitchen, Evangeline, Hotel d'Amici Ristorante, Hydro Bar & Grill, JoLe Restaurant, Kopio, La Prima Pizza, Sam's Social Club, Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant 

Meet Calistoga winemakers as they join guests at the table and share what is happening in the vineyard for this season’s crush – the ultimate time to experience the most exciting process of crafting fine collections of decadent wines.  Stay tuned for the list of wines available both by the glass and the bottle.

                                       See you at the table!

Calistoga Harvest Table Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a last minute change of plans. What is your cancellation policy?
A: Because this is a culinary event and we want to ensure we have an accurate head count for dinner, there is a 7-day cancellation policy. You can however pass your tickets on to a very special friend if you can’t make the event yourself.

Q: What about tax and gratuity?
A: All of our menus do include tax and gratuity. You will only need to pay for your wine or beer at the bars on the street.

Q: Can I bring my own bottle of wine to your event.
A: Sorry, our license does not permit any outside alcoholic beverages. BYOB will NOT be permitted and purchasing alcohol from the participating restaurants to carry into the event will not be permitted.  You will be able to purchase wine by the glass or bottle, as well as beer at one of the event bars located on the street. The event bars will be open from 5:00 – 9:30pm. Our local restaurants and bars will be open during and after the event if you would like to enjoy a cocktail inside.

Q: I take my dog with me everywhere. Will I be able to bring Fido with me to the table?
A: Calistoga is very pet friendly but Fido will need to dine somewhere else that evening. If you are coming to stay overnight many of our lodging properties accept pets. Check them out here.

Q: I have some special dietary needs. Are there options for me?
A: Many of the restaurants will offer special menus for your special dietary needs. Take a look at the menus and find the one that best suits you.

Q: I am in a wheelchair. Will I be able to access the event?
Absolutely! Just let us know ahead of time so we can place you and your party appropriately at the table. 

Q: Where will I be able to park for the event?
A: While Lincoln Avenue will be closed to traffic for the event Calistoga has several areas to park in town that you will be able to access. You will be able to turn on Hwy 29 (Lincoln Avenue) and then left on Myrtle Street right on Berry Street then right on Washington Street to find a public parking lot. You will also be able to park on the many side streets throughout town and walk a block (or two) to reach the table. Take a look at our map to see.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: First of all…not going to happen! Our restaurants have set aside seats for you inside if there is a need. But like I said…not going to happen.

Q: I know I want to stay the night and enjoy Calistoga Monday and maybe even Tuesday. Where can I find information on lodging?
A: You can see the many lodging options on our website

Q: Will you have any special offers going on for this exciting weekend?
A: Please check our “Special Offers” page to find one that you like.

Q: I’m coming from Napa and need transportation. Do you have some information?
A: Our website can offer you several options to get to Calistoga for the event. Take a look here and choose the one that will bring you to the table.

Q: My first choice resrtaurant is already sold out. Can I get on a waiting list?
A: We would recommend you go ahead and make a reservation for this event. There are several available seats at the table. We will not be taking names for a waiting list.

Q: I would like to volunteer for this event.  Who could I talk to and what would I receive for my time?
A: You most certainly can volunteer!  You would receive our very sincere thanks and have fun at the same time! email