Oat Hill Mine Trail

Oat Hill Mine Trail
1800 Lincoln Ave

Oat Hill Mine Road has a deceptive name. The fact that it contains the word “road” in its time may cause some to shy away from it. In fact, it is a road only in its name and in its former life. The road is really a road in name only. The lower 2/3rds is narrow single track. While it is possible to make out where the roadbed once was, erosion and plant growth has substantially narrowed the route.

From downtown Calistoga, simply drive north on the main street, which is Highway 29. At a stop sign on the outskirts of town, the highway intersects the Silverado Trail. The trailhead is located on the northeast side of the intersection. Parking is located in the dirt lot in the southwest corner of the intersection.


Pet-friendly: Yes

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